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Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Female students in graduation gowns with flowers and stuffed animals

In 2020, we had realized that we both have a deep love for and desire to help people improve their lives and make them happy. We are extremely passionate about healthy living and helping others achieve their goals as well. To accomplish this, we began our journey by taking the Esthetics Program at St. Clair College in September of 2021. While loving the program we discovered that we loved the medical side of the esthetics field even more. Knowing this, we decided to set out to take on the Medical Esthetics program, again at St. Clair College, in September of 2022, completing the program and graduating in June of 2023.

After accomplishing all of our schooling goals we decided we wanted to create a space that welcomed all people and helps them live their best lives as well. It was just 4 short months later that Alba Medical Esthetics was opened in September, our dream made a reality. Both as a business and as individuals we believe in the power of feeling good in your own skin and want to assist all of our clients gain confidence and feel their absolute best. With a dedication to equality, fairness, education, informed decision making, and client comfort, we are happy to welcome all individuals for any treatments they may desire.

Thank you St. Clair College

Thank you Esthetics Program Team

Thank you Advanced Medical Program Team