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On Tuesday, a St. Clair research student created a chart that estimated the number of confirmed cases to be 2,273. On Wednesday, the Windsor-Essex County Health United reported 2,275 positive cases.
Jaspreet Bhatia, Fortnite Coach of the Year and Nicolas Ciri, Fortnite All-star - NACE
Zekelman School of Business & I.T. signage.
Students playing video games.
St. Clair College is one of 24 colleges across Ontario calling for a new provincial strategy for post-secondary education.
Nancy Jammu-Taylor, left, Chair of St. Clair College's Board of Governors, and President Patti France are pictured at last year's convocation.
The fall delivery plans have been posted online.
Signage at entrance of College
Workers in the St. Clair College field hospital.
France said St. Clair will first focus on opening labs for students who require time to finish their Winter Semester, and the College will then turn its attention to students in the Spring Semester.