The Griffin Has Landed | St. Clair College
Friday, July 21, 2023
Griffin sculpture on pillar

The final piece of the Dr. Patti France Community Promenade at our Cabana Road campus has arrived and was installed today for all to see.

The golden griffin is a custom-made sculpture representing the spirit of the St. Clair College mighty griffin.  The concept was created collaboratively by St. Clair College and ROA Architects. Skilled Artist and fabricator, John Ciotoli of Custom Metal Fabricating has brought the concept to life.
The sculpture was produced by creating dozens of custom-shaped elements using plate metal and stainless steel, then precisely fashioned onto a central structural core. The promenade committee selected the custom paint colour with a multi-stage painting process, ensuring that the griffin watch over the campus for many years. The 8' tall x 10' long, 1300 lb griffin sculpture is proudly displayed on a 20' stone monolith adding another spectacular element, welcoming students, staff, and guests to the beautiful Dr. Patti France Community Promenade.

Dr. Patti France Community Promande

The new entrance to St. Clair's main campus was dedicated on August 31, 2023, as the Dr. Patti France Community Promenade in recognition of the honourary doctorate bestowed upon College President Patti France by Assumption University.

Dr. France humbly received the dedication while surrounded by friends, family, local dignitaries, past and present College Board of Governors members, and various other colleagues.  The Dr. Patti France Community Promenade features a decorative steel archway suspended between two stone pillars adorned with steel-fabricated light fixtures and mythical griffins. A garden surrounds the pillared archway with green shrubbery and gold flowers to honour the school's colours. The promenade serves as the starting point of a pathway to connect the main campus from north to south through a walking trail leading to the St. Clair Sports Park.

The newly installed gold griffin is affixed on the top of the main centre pillar with the commemorative plaque.

ROA Studio was the architect of the Dr. Patti France Community Promenade.