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One Year - Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Starts: September, January

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Program Overview

St. Clair College’s new Media Convergence program provides students with the multi-skilled tools they require to compete in the ever challenging field of journalism and communications. Students will produce TV shows, radio newscasts, a number of newspaper editions, and online products such as podcasts and blogs. Students will learn to become converged media journalists - able to work in any newsroom and in any situation. Completion of a capstone convergence production is a requirement for graduation. Students will also produce short form radio and video documentaries.

Program Highlights

  • Gives graduates two semesters to polish their skills in a newsroom setting
  • Provides people working in the media an opportunity to develop converged reporting skills – working in radio, TV, print and online
  • Convergence management course provides leadership skills required in the running of converged newsrooms of the 21st century
  • Participants leave with a portfolio of cross platform products to demonstrate their marketable skills in writing, production, on-air and web journalism
  • The capstone project required for graduation is a culmination of all cross platform competencies – on-air, production, web and management - that showcase the multi-skill abilities acquired which will enhance employability in the workplace.

Career Opportunities

The newsrooms of today and into the future require journalists who are multi-skilled and able to deliver converged reporting across all media platforms – online, radio, TV and print. St. Clair College’s Media Convergence graduate year provides participants with those skills which consequently makes them highly marketable in all newsrooms. We also teach converged newsroom management skills – including learning how to determine when a story can be used across all media platforms – giving students another level of employment opportunities.

The backpack aspect of the program hones the convergence skills necessary to be a successful freelancer or e-lancer. Participants learn how to competently file stories to all media outlets, from anywhere in the world, working with a cell phone and/or laptop.

Admission Requirements

Diploma or degree in a related field from a recognized college or university OR demonstrated competence through related work.

Mature students - See Admission Procedures for details.


The curriculum below is for incoming students:

Semester 1
Code Title Credits
Broadcast Writing
Convergence Technology
Digital Photojournalism
Back Pack Lab 1 (Radio & TV)
Back Pack Lab 2 (Print/Web/Social Media)
Capstone Convergence Prod. I
Performance Radio/TV
Radio Writing And Production
Semester 2
Code Title Credits
Introduction To Creative Screenwriting
Convergence Lab I
Capstone Convergence Production II
Creative Production
Convergence Technology & Podcasting
Media Entrepreneurship
Multimedia Immersive Storytelling

Your Investment

The standard tuition and compulsory fees for the current academic year:

2024-2025 Tuition Fees  

For programs with Experiential Learning (Work Placement/Internship): Costs for accommodation, if needed, travel and related expenses are at the student's own expense. It is recommended for most programs, that students have access to a laptop or desktop computer while away from home during experiential learning periods.

Textbooks and other materials are in addition to Tuition Fees. Textbook prices may be found on the Bookstore website.

Please be aware that tuition and compulsory fees are subject to adjustment each year. The College reserves the right to change, amend or alter fees as necessary without notice or prejudice.

Program Physical Demands Analysis

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Journalism - New Media (Ontario College Graduate Certificate) (MTCU Code 72005)

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

  1. Apply analytical and creative skills toward the layout and development of an e-publication.
  2. Conceptualize, develop and manage the implementation of multi-platform programming based on convergence skills.
  3. Generate strong original stories using computer assisted reporting.
  4. Lead as a team-member within a convergence newsroom setting.
  5. Combine photojournalism, text, audio, and video to be used within an e-publication.
  6. Develop entrepreneurial strategies using multi-platform and web skills.
  7. Cultivate strategies for personal and professional development to manage job stress, enhance work performance and maximize professional opportunities, including self-employment.
  8. Work in compliance with relevant laws, journalistic standards and the appropriate practices and principles of the news media industry.
  9. Create Web content and applications using current authoring tools.