Room Number Updates | St. Clair College

You have probably noticed by now that the room numbers on your schedule (for classes in the Main Building at the Main Windsor Campus) have changed since last semester. Here is an explainer of why and how this change has come about and what you can expect in the near future.

The changes are the result of consultations with local First Responders - Windsor Fire & Police and Windsor-Essex EMS. A need was identified to make college buildings easier to locate when responders come onto our campuses as well as improving way-finding and eliminating duplicated room numbers in the Main Building.

The system for the room numbering in the Main Building is complicated because it is actually five (soon to be six) different buildings connected together. The new numbers use this complication to help direct people to the area (Building Zone) where a room is located.

For example: to find room A2326 (formerly 266)

Example key of how to read the room numbers.

The room is located in Building ‘A’ (Main Building, Main Windsor Campus), on the second floor.

Example of the floor layout

In the central part of the building.

There are maps, in the hallways, and throughout the Main Building and a major part of this project is to add more directional signage to help everyone find their way around.

You can also find maps on this page.