To Bee or Not to Bee | St. Clair College

Why all the bee buzz? Because bees are indispensable to planet Earth! The honey bee has been a resourceful friend and contributor to human civilizations since ancient Egypt. But beginning in 2003, worldwide alarms sounded due to the emerging bee decline. It has been predicted that 60 years after the extinction of the honey bee, there will no longer be human life on earth. We must all be part of an important crisis plan. In this course we will investigate the plight of the honey bee. We will explore their history, and what they need to continue to flourish. Their economic contribution and how they benefit society is also examined. We ll discover why these important pollinators are not only essential to their own colony, but to the agricultural industry and the human food system. Loss of honey bees would mean the collapse of the natural ecosystem. Who will care for them? To bee or not to bee, that is the question.

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This course is not scheduled for the current semester.

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