THRIVES | St. Clair College

The first semester is almost every student’s most important time in College and it can also be the most challenging. Why? Because, for many students, adjusting to college isn’t easy. Statistics show that students who succeed in their first year are most likely to continue to complete their program.

The THRIVES Modules present some of what we know about the actions and attitudes of successful students. It’s a Toolbox for Help and Resources to Increase Value and Empower Students. With wellness in mind during the development, each portion of THRIVES is intended to help ease stress and provide beneficial resources.

The information in the THRIVES modules can help you stay motivated when things get tough, and you can learn the skills and behaviours for succeeding in college. Almost everything in these modules —from time management to social skills, from study skills to staying healthy—will contribute to your overall success and, yes, to achieving better grades.

We have provided you with access to THRIVES in Blackboard as one more way to gain access to a range of valuable information because the first year of college is the most critical. These modules will remain available to you throughout your first year, so come back at any time. We invite you to explore THRIVES as the first step of your transition to St. Clair College - and know, we’ll be here every step of the way!

THRIVES is available to St. Clair College students in Blackboard. Simply log into MySt.Clair and access Blackboard. THRIVES should appear in your course list.

If you don’t see THRIVES, email us at THRIVES@stclaircollege and we will add you to a course.

For more information contact:
Irene Stewart
Retention Coordinator
519-972-2727 x5497 (Windsor)
519-354-9714 x3686 (Chatham)