REB Submission Process | St. Clair College

In preparation for completing a Research Ethics Board (REB) application for St. Clair College (SCC), we recommend that you review the TCPS2 Document and our St. Clair College policies on research. Prior to submitting your application, all researchers involved in the project must also complete the required TCPS2-CORE 2022 Core Training Certificate. You may also start preparing your supporting documentation. For Letters of Information and Consent form templates, please see our Resources webpage.

Once your application is prepared, you may submit the Multi-Site REB application form, along with the SCC-REB checklist. Incomplete applications will be sent back for revisions. The REB meets once a month and will only review complete applications that were received 14 days in advance for the month’s meeting. Please see the REB Meeting Dates and Submission Timeline webpage for details. The REB may have suggestions on your research protocol. Depending on the nature of the suggestions, you will either be asked to clarify with the Chair or we may require a full-review again at the next full REB meeting. To support researchers, we have prepared a guide for completing the REB application. You can also consult the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section of our website or contact to seek clarification.

Once SCC-REB clearance is granted, you may begin recruiting participants to your study. If there is an unanticipated or adverse event during any stage of the research process, please complete the Adverse/Unanticipated Event Form and email it to the REB Chair as soon as possible at

If you need to make any changes to your protocol, please email the Change Request Form to the REB chair with your proposed changes. Depending on the nature of the change, this may require REB review before implementation will be permitted. In addition, please be sure to complete the Renewal/Completed Status Report annually and when your research project is complete.

For a visual of the process described herein, please see our SCC-REB process flowchart below:

REB Flow Chart

  • Please note that in addition to the REB application, you are required to complete the Administrative Notification of Research Activity Form when you submit the REB application. This form will be sent to the Director of Applied Research and Development by the REB Chair as a notification. This notification process operates at an arm’s length from the Research Ethics Board. If your study requires St. Clair College resources, this notification form will also serve as approval from senior administration for such a request. The timeline may vary depending on the volume of applications received.