Testimonials | St. Clair College

Below are a few testimonials from graduates of the Police Foundations (Fast Track) program:

Honesty Heyink

Life had always gotten in the way of furthering my education but when the opportunity to attend college presented itself, I took the chance. I imagined that being a single parent and the oldest in my program would present challenges, but if anything, it only bolstered my resolve. The Police Foundations faculty at St. Clair in Chatham were fantastic; authentic and encouraging. The experiences shared and direction given provided us with real-world insight and the basic skills required to grow beyond the program. I was offered a Special Constable position with the OPP Offender Transport Unit prior to my official graduation and have since obtained a management position with an international corporation. I would not be where I am today, providing as well as I do for my family, had I not attended the fast-track Police Foundations program offered at St. Clair College.

- Honesty Heyink

Alyson Gotelaer

I am a graduate of the Police Foundations fast-track program in Chatham and I strongly believe without the knowledge and skills that the program provided me with, I would not have gotten to where I am today, which is a Provincial Constable with the OPP. As I am working now, I am using the education that I gained in the program in my everyday life on the job. As a recent graduate of the Ontario Police College, I believe a big part of my success there was due to the prior knowledge of what was being taught in the Police Foundations program. The faculty from the program are very experienced and knowledgeable and were helpful as they supported me throughout my entire hiring process. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to succeed as a graduate of the St. Clair College, fast-track Police Foundations program.

- Constable Alyson Gotelaer (OPP - Kenora Detachment)

Shelton Richardson

I am a graduate of the Police Foundations Program (Fast-Track) in Chatham, and without a doubt can say I was provided the necessary knowledge to be prepared for a career in law enforcement. Even after graduation, the faculty continued without hesitation to offer their assistance in providing me with the essential tools to become a competitive candidate for the hiring process. I have been employed as a Provincial Constable with the Ontario Provincial Police for four years and continue to utilize the knowledge and training I received from St. Clair College.

- Constable Shelton Richardson (Lakeshore OPP Detachment)