Language Proficiency Requirements | St. Clair College

The Language Proficiency Requirements for Pharmacy Technician Program for International students and students who present with foreign credentials must meet one of the following benchmarks for language proficiency prior to admission to the program.

The Pharmacy Technician program is accredited by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) and it is a requirement of accreditation that foreign-trained professionals and/or international students meet one of the following prior to being offered admission into a CCAPP accredited program.

Students must meet ONE of the requirements listed below prior to admission:

  Minimum Score SEM
Writing 25 3
Speaking 23 2
Listening 21 2
Reading 22 2
Total Score 91 5
  Minimum Score SEM
Writing 6 X*
Speaking 6 X*
Listening 6 X*
Reading 6 X*
Total Score 6.5 0.5
Can Test:
Can Test Chart
  Minimum Score SEM
Writing 4.0 X*
Speaking 4.5 X*
Listening 4.5 X*
Reading 4.5 X*
Total Score X* X*
  Minimum Score SEM
Writing 80 X*
Speaking 3+ X*
Listening 80 3
Reading 83 4
Total Score 81 3

* For IELTS, no section scores less than 6.0, accounting already for the SEM. Likewise, scores for Writing and Speaking on the MELAB, and all final band scores on the CanTEST, account already for the SEM. CanTEST does not report total scores.