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Two Year - Ontario College Certificate
Starts: September

Shannon Comartin
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Program Overview

This program is designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities and other significant learning challenges with the opportunity to experience college life, pursue a postsecondary education and develop skills that will help them prepare for employment. Students will engage with their peers in courses specific to the CICE program. Having chosen an individual vocational direction, each student will attend academic courses with their college peers. The support of a Learning Facilitator will be provided. The Learning Facilitator may attend classes, provide follow-up study skills, test preparation, and support course modifications when necessary.

CICE core curricula will include subjects covering communications, job and life skills, and human relations. Academic courses will be elective in nature and may be chosen from a variety of programs. Additional vocational areas may be added as the program progresses and grows. Work placement will help CICE students to develop and/or enhance vocational skills and involvement within their community. It is a goal that graduates will be able to function more independently and ideally, transition to volunteer or paid employment on a part-time or full-time basis.

Program Highlights

  • Provides opportunities to acquire life skills and vocational skills.
  • May provide skills for an independent lifestyle.
  • May lead to employment opportunities.
  • 3 field placement experiences.

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma
OR Ontario Secondary School Certificate or equivalent
OR Mature Student Status

  • Developmental Disability
  • A level of independence that precludes constant support
  • Ability to manage transportation to the College and to the field placement
  • Participation in an interview

Important Information

This is a HIGH-INTEREST program and has the potential to become oversubscribed. Applicants are advised to apply before February 1st. See Admission Procedures for details.

Health Requirements

Accepted applicants must supply proof of a satisfactory medical examination and immunization prior to program entry.

Please be advised that lack of documented immunizations may result in limitation of field placement opportunities.


The curriculum below is for incoming students:

Semester 1
Code Title Credits
Transition To College
Everyday Communication And Computer Skills
Student Wellness
Field Placement Prep I
Academic Concentration #1
Academic Concentration #2
Semester 2
Code Title Credits
Advocating For Yourself And Others
Field Placement Prep II
Academic Concentration #5
Academic Concentration #3
Academic Concentration #4
Field Placement I
Semester 3
Code Title Credits
Personal and Financial Management Skills
Field Placement Preparation III
Academic Concentration #7
Academic Concentration #8
Academic Concentration #6
Field Placement II
Semester 4
Code Title Credits
Advocacy in the Workplace
Academic Concentration Choice #9
Academic Concentration Choice #10
Academic Concentration Choice #11
Field Placement III

Past Cohorts:

Semester 1
Code Title Credits
CIC100 Transition To College & Work 2
CIC101 Communication I 2
CIC102 Introduction To Computer Use 2
CIC103 Recreational Activities I 2
CIC104 Academic Concentration #1 3
CIC105 Academic Concentration #2 3
Semester 2
Code Title Credits
CIC151 Communications II 2
CIC152 Strategies For Getting/Keeping A Job 2
CIC153 Recreational Activities II 2
CIC154 Academic Concentration #3 3
CIC155 Academic Concentration #4 3
CIC150 Field Placement 1 5
Semester 3
Code Title Credits
CIC201 Workplace Numeracy 2
CIC203 Recreational Activities III 2
CIC202 Personal Growth 2
CIC204 Academic Concentration #5 3
CIC205 Academic Concentration #6 3
CIC200 Field Placement 2 5
Semester 4
Code Title Credits
CIC251 Transition To Community & Work 2
CIC252 Relationships & Personal Issues 2
CIC253 Academic Concentration #7 3
CIC254 Academic Concentration #8 3
CIC250 Field Placement 3 5

What is Field Placement?

  • Students will participate in field placement opportunities in Semesters 2, 3, and 4 of the program, where they will gain employability skills within a workplace setting.
  • Students will attend these field placements independently. However, their Field Placement Learning Facilitator (LF) will be present on day one, during the midway evaluation, on their final day, and periodically as necessary.
  • The Field Placement Learning Facilitator is responsible for arranging placement and ensuring that both students and employers are supported.
  • Students must complete all three placement credits successfully to receive their CICE¬† certificate
  • To participate in a field placement, students must complete page 3 of the Medical Requirements Form
  • Students are required to upload their documents to SIS for approval by the campus nurse.
  • Students must meet the requirements for placement by the deadline provided to them to be eligible for placement

Special Considerations

  • Some placements (ex. hospitals, long-term care, daycare settings) may require additional screenings. Your field placement LF will specify if this is required of you in advance. These screenings could include some, or all, of the following:

  • Students travel independently to and from placement and are responsible for transportation expenses. When arranging placement, a student's mode of transportation will be taken into consideration.

*Please be aware that although a COVID-19 vaccination is not required to attend St. Clair College, some of our placement sites may require students to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to be eligible to attend. Unfortunately, we cannot predict if a placement site will begin to require full vaccination and as such, we are encouraging all students to consider vaccination. If the requirement of your placement sites changes at any point, you will be notified immediately by the College.

It is important to note that if placement sites do require students to be fully vaccinated to attend their place of business, students who are not fully vaccinated may not be provided with a placement for their program and therefore will not be able to complete their programs.

If you have any questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, please contact our St. Clair College Health Centre at 519-972-2727 ext. 4484 (in Windsor) or 519-354-9100 ext. 3729 (in Chatham).

Your Investment

The standard tuition and compulsory fees for the current academic year:

2023-2024 Tuition Fees  

For programs with Experiential Learning (Work Placement/Internship): Costs for accommodation, if needed, travel and related expenses is at the student's own expense. It is recommended for most programs, that students have access to a laptop or desktop computer while away from home during experiential learning periods.

Textbooks and other materials are in addition to Tuition Fees. Textbook prices may be found through the Bookstore website.

Please be aware that tuition and compulsory fees are subject to adjustment each year. The College reserves the right to change, amend or alter fees as necessary without notice or prejudice.

Program Physical Demands Analysis

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Community Integration through Cooperative Education (Ontario College Certificate) (MTCU Code59650)

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

  1. Participate successfully in college programs and activities.
  2. Develop and strengthen functional academic skills in preparation for educational, volunteer and employment opportunities.
  3. Function with increased levels of independence in areas of social and life skills development within college and community settings.
  4. Apply self-management and interpersonal skills in daily activities and group or team settings.
  5. Use community agencies and partners as resources for increasing independence and on-going personal development