Testimonials | St. Clair College

Below are a couple of graduate testimonials:

The Chemical Laboratory Technology program at St. Clair College has set my life on to an exciting track. I had a science degree from the University of Windsor and wanted to expand my technical knowledge in the lab environment. My degree and diploma complimented each other and really expanded my future options. The two institutions willingness to work together made the transition easy for me.

The relationships that I developed with instructors and students was the best part. Students were willing to help each other and the instructors went out of their way to prepare you for the real work environment.

I now have the position of Hazardous Materials Technician at the University of Windsor. I am able to put the knowledge from the St. Clair program to work. The options for any student taking program are outstanding.

- Candy Donaldson

Reflecting on my own career, the Chemical Engineering Program at the St. Clair College was the perfect choice for me at that time in my life and helped me to balance my financial limitations while ensuring my ability to pursue my scholastic aspirations.

Firstly, the College was firm in helping me to develop the discipline and practical knowledge required for chemical sciences and their related industries. This made me employable in a job where I could both use my skills but that would also then assist me in furthering my education. In addition, the genuine interest of my teachers at the College inspired my own passion for the sciences and contributed to my subsequent decision to attend the University of Windsor and pursue biochemical research. Moreover, the practical laboratory skills I learned while at St. Clair were a direct benefit in helping me to obtain summer assistantships at a University lab, the same lab where I would ultimately work towards and obtain my Ph.D.

I think most importantly, the College was instrumental in opening my mind, establishing my academic confidence and helping to open the doors that would lead to my own success and fulfillment. Ultimately, this has led me to pursue post-doctoral studies at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics in Boston, Massachusetts with the hope of returning to Canada where I can one day run my own University research laboratory to train and inspire young minds to answer biochemical questions, while never forgetting the people and institutions that started me on my journey.

- Shane Miersch