About Chemical Laboratory Technology | St. Clair College

Chemistry at St. Clair College has never been better! At a time when cutting back on subjects like math and physics has become fashionable, we have renewed our pursuits of fundamentals with fantastic results. Employers have definitely taken note. Graduates from this program have the greatest number of pathways open to them due to strong math and science fundamentals; whether you wish to choose from a wide range of job opportunities or further educational choices this program delivers.

Many students and parents take comfort in job titles like 'dental hygienist' or 'surgeon' simply because they already have a clear picture of what exactly that job entails. For a Chemical Laboratory Technologist, the situation is quite different. Essentially any industry that you can think of requires Chemical Technologists. Plastics, coatings, paints, oil/petroleum, computers, food, paper, mining, all types of manufacturing, beer/wine/spirits, agricultural, pharmaceuticals, medical, water treatment and environmental to name some. One must also consider the nature of the job itself; quality control, process, sales, supervisory, management and research. Graduates could start out taking field samples in a geological survey of wilderness in Alberta and move into management roles in a plastics company in Australia. The versatility is that broad.

Chemical Laboratory Technology Overview

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