Parking Ticket Appeals Form Submission | St. Clair College

To complete this form:

  1. Complete all information under Parking Fee Recipient, an email address is required to receive a decision on the appeal request.
  2. You must include the ticket number and the license plate listed on the face of the ticket.
  3. Select the type of appeal you wish to request:

    Appeal parking ticket to remove fees
    Select this option if you wish to request to reduce or remove the parking fee.

    Appeal parking ticket to extend the payment date
    Select this option if you wish to request an extension of the date in which the parking fee may be paid at the reduced rate.

  4. Complete the Reason for Appeal, describe why the ticket should be appealed. Include as much detail as possible, (Times arrived, Times left, etc.).
  5. You may attach any images or supporting documents to your appeal.
  6. Certification: By checking this box you are declaring the information you have provided is factual and complete. You are also indicating that you have read and understood the conditions of the appeal process as outlined above.