Health Fair Educates St. Clair College Students on Mental and Physical Health | St. Clair College
Thursday, February 8, 2018
CCHST student Steve Hong
CCHST student Steve Hong

(Windsor, Ontario) – Student Representative Council (SRC) and the campus Health Centre collaborated on an important Health Fair that took place in the Student Life Centre February 5 – 8.

Each day focused on a different element of mental health, including diet and physical activity, smoking cessation, stress and mental health, and sexual health and healthy relationships. Students could speak to health professionals and gain valuable information about their mental and physical health, including coping skills and health resources.

In collaboration with the Canadian College of Health, Science and Technology, the Health Fair offered free 15 minute massages to students in conjunction with the fair’s stress and mental health day on Thursday, February 7.

Erin Porter, an instructor in the Fitness and Health Promotion program at St. Clair College supervised four CCHST Massage Therapy students as they performed relaxing messages for students.

“Students are under a lot of stress, and events like these are good to have because they help educate them on different coping skills to manage that stress,” said Porter.

The Health Fair included multiple opportunities for students to engage in stress relieving opportunities, talk with campus and city health professionals and discover methods and resources to help manage their mental and physical health.

CCHST student Selena Dagher
CCHST students Steve Hong and Selena Dagher