Needle Injury Protocol | St. Clair College

Directives for Staff/Faculty for Needle Stick or Puncture Injuries

In the event that a student, staff, or faculty member has incurred a needle stick or puncture injury, please refer to the St. Clair College Health Centre IMMEDIATELY.

  1. Document the time of the incident and if the injured person has had his/her Hepatitis B Vaccines.
  2. Complete incident report form, original will be kept in Health Centre (Room 164 in Windsor and Room 147 in Chatham) & a copy sent to Manager, Health, Safety and Wellness (Box 36).
  3. If the person is at the College, send them to the St. Clair College Health Centre. If this is a student on placement, have them go to the emergency department of the local hospital and ask that they check in with the St. Clair College Health Center nurse the following day to book an appointment.
  4. The person will be assessed by the Health Nurse and if the injury involves risk of exposure to blood or body fluids the person will be referred to the hospital emergency department (if they haven’t already been there) for immediate testing and treatment.
  5. The person will be informed of the following protocol:
    • Blood will be drawn to test for hepatitis b surface antigen, hepatitis b screen, hepatitis c, and HIV.
      (Patient will have to sign a consent form).
    • Vaccinated persons will receive the HBIG (Hepatitis B Immune Globulin) if their titers are low or if unable to get titer levels back within 1-2 days. (HBIG must be given within 72 hours of injury).
    • Unvaccinated persons will receive HBIG and Engerix-B (Hepatitis B vaccine).
    • In the event of exposure to HIV + body fluids, Dr. or NP will discuss HIV medication with the patient