Clinical Sonography II | St. Clair College
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This is the second of three clinical practicum courses. Students will gain practice in performing routine ultrasound examinations with increased independence. Students will differentiate sonographic appearance of normal structures from anomalous and recognize pathologic conditions in areas of obstetrical, gynecological, abdominal, superficial structures, musculoskeletal and vascular ultrasound. Students will be able to assist with interventional procedures. Students will continue to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in relation to planning the examination, obtaining high quality images and providing technical analysis. Students will interact professionally with all demographic groups and members of the health care team. Students are required to complete examinations independently and obtain a minimum of 5 (five) Sonography Canada competencies as set out in the Clinical Skills Assessment documents. Students are also expected to engage in the necessary daily maintenance within the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Department as a part of the sonography team.