Paralegal Clinic I | St. Clair College
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This experiential learning course enables Paralegal students to observe, discuss and reflect upon best practices and professional responsibility learned in the classroom and put that knowledge and skills into practice. Students participate in a satellite Forms Assistance Clinic under the supervision of an LSO licensee to provide assistance to the public in the completion of regulatory forms and interpreting regulatory documents (within the permitted scope of paralegal practice) while concurrently participating in an immersive, hands-on simulated virtual legal practice. The course affords students with the opportunity to further develop skills related to interviewing, time-management, file-management, interpersonal communication and problem solving as well as the opportunity to apply knowledge in substantive areas of law to determine legal issues and consult with supervisor in deciding on proper referral. In addition to the weekly clinic placement/simulated legal practice, students will acquire a greater understanding of the judicial process and professional responsibility through court and tribunal proceedings observations and networking with the larger community. This course provides opportunity to identify real ethical issues and apply the Paralegal Code of Conduct.